Recorded live in 2014, Majestic showcases a more focused and cohesive side of the big cat. Each song was recorded in one take to emphasize the irreplaceable feeling of five people coming together as one. “Cinnamon Panther” begins with a haunting and perverted funkydrive which leads to a pixelated-primate-battle in “Super Monkey Knife Fight,” and “You Lose” is the devastating resolution that you have no choice but to accept. “The Hot Dog of Desire” is a tasty recipe of ska with a late night dance party. Recorded live at The Destro Centre, “Jellyfish Funktime,” our oldest aquatic ancestor, closes the album as a nod to a successful journey. As an evolution in Ass Jazz, Majestic is another representation of Tigerman’s ever changing makeup of these tunes, which is the core of Tigerman: an ever changing communal collusion of separate manifested realities.